Legalize Sports Betting in North Dakota

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Legalize Sports Betting in North Dakota

Local governments throughout the United States are making their bid to legalize sports betting. Many states have tried to legalization sports betting over the years without success, but now that may be changing. State legislators are attempting to get a sports gambling bill introduced this year.

“It’s a hot topic,” says Greg Wahl, Executive Director of the North Dakota State Department of Licensing and Education. “This is a state where people love to wager on sports. There has been a lot of interest generated by the recent NCAA tournament.” The potential for an increase in betting activity has prompted the North Dakota legislature to start looking into the issue again. Wahl notes that North Dakota’s controversial lottery system may soon be a thing of the past if the state legislature gets behind a sports betting bill. The lottery was considered one of the reasons why the NDSL moved its headquarters to North Dakota in the first place.

Wahl isn’t entirely sure what his jurisdiction would be with legalized sports betting, so he doesn’t expect the legislature to pass any particular bills anytime soon. He does, however, hope it will make the state more appealing to sports book publishers. Right now, many book publishers don’t want to do business in North Dakota because of the controversy over the lottery. If the state were to legalize sports betting, they might be attracted to opening up an operation in North Dakota.

legalized sports betting would open up new opportunities for individuals who want to earn money off the game. Right now, North Dakota is the only state that lacks an approved gambling facility. Wahl admits that the lack of an establishment makes North Dakota residents ineligible for state royalties, which are based upon how much money the state brings in from gambling. “You could say it’s a tax break for the people of North Dakota,” he said. However, he hopes the move to legalize sports betting will bring in more revenue and allow more North Dakotans to have access to it.

In order for the proposal to become a reality, it will need to gain enough support in the statehouse. Although there has been talk of legalizing sports betting in North Dakota, some lawmakers have raised objections to the idea, such as House Majority Leader Mikemeta (D-Copse) and State Senator John Kitzich (R-Billburg). Others have stated their support, including House Speaker Joe Lange (D-GS), State Senator Margaret Anderson (D-Argus) and state Representative Jim McConathy (D-FL.) It may be difficult for marijuana advocates in the state, to sway lawmakers, especially since most of them support legalized marijuana. If there are members of the legislature who aren’t up for legalizing marijuana, it may take another bill to make it happen.

Sports gambling is illegal in seven states, including three that have legalized recreational use of marijuana. Two more have legalized recreational use of kifir, but not fir oil or kifir powder. Although the state of North Dakota did legalize sports betting recently, it did not include kifir products. Therefore, any potential revenue that would be generated from legalized sports betting wouldn’t come from North Dakota residents. If the state does decide to add wifi to its list of legal products, it will join the other 14 states that have legalized marijuana use for medicinal purposes.

Although it may not yet be legal in North Dakota, the state of New Hampshire is believed to be preparing to make kifir a taxable product. New Hampshire has long been an advocate of legalized gambling and is home to some of the country’s first licensed casinos. Legalizers hope that adding wifi to the sports books in New Hampshire will make it easier for residents to legally place wagers on hockey and basketball games. They also hope that adding kiwi to the list of permissible sports bets in New Hampshire will make it more appealing to customers who are considering making bets at casinos in New Hampshire.

Although the prospect of tax revenue generated from legalized sports betting may be good news for the state of North Dakota, some politicians in the state of North Dakota fear that other states will soon follow suit and make gambling more accessible to every citizen. “This particular bill is really all about the investors, the tourists and the professionals,” said Jon Stein of the North Dakota Gaming Commission. “I do think it is important that the government supports this industry because it truly is a money maker for the state of North Dakota.” He went on to add, “It also sends a message to other states and municipalities that we’re open for business and we’re willing to work with them to facilitate commerce and get their residents involved in our world of gaming.”

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